One-day 2020 strategic planning workshop

Business strategy often fails because compiling an effective strategy is both an art and a science, which requires specialist facilitation. To put your business on the right course for growth in 2020 – we have compiled a comprehensive strategic process that helps you understand what’s happening – what this means for your business and what you should do in response.

Prepare your team for 2020 today

Our 10-step strategic process offers you a structured, creatively-open platform to think collectively and strategically about the opportunities that 2020 can offer your business.

Our 10-step strategic process is broken down into 3-phases



Understanding the changes that could affect your business in 2020

KoLab Strategic Stack


Analysis of the opportunities that are presented to your business and your response

Balanced scorecard


Using the balanced scorecard framework, we plot your action plans

One-day 2020 strategic planning workshop

Type: Professionally facilitated workshop with group exercises and measurable outcomes.

Venue: Workshops held at your premises 

Numbers: Designed for teams between 5 – 12 people

Duration: Full-day session estimated to run from 09h00 – 15h00

Price: Priced according to your specific needs – please get in touch to enquire.

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Call Mike – 083 443 8599 or mail him – mike@ko-lab.co

Innovation is how an organisation responds to change. These are the services that KoLab offers to help your organisation grow.

KoLab offers a range of business advisory, strategic facilitation and innovation related services.

Our expertise lies in the areas of:


Problem solving

Our tried-and-tested problem solving framework is a carefully considered series of steps, which we facilitate with your team to uncover the source of the issue and begin to understand how the problem might be dissolved from its source.

Opportunity roadmapping

Our 14-step process aims to understand the future context in which the business is estimated to operate in and then proactively design customer-centric solutions which can be marketed sustainably and profitably.

Innovation coaching

We’re practitioners, not consultants –  so we work with people and teams over the medium- to long-term to find solutions rather than just giving academic advice and sterile recommendations.

Toolkits / business intelligence

In partnership with our network of futures institutes around the world, we package practical business intelligence and toolkits to help you identify and unlock the right opportunities for maximum effectiveness.