KoLab helps business solve complex problems and commercialise future opportunities

KoLab is an innovation practice based in Cape Town, South Africa that helps business clients to dissolve complex business problems and find, analyse, select and commercialise the best growth opportunities.

We have a track record of getting things done

Although we are proud of our academic achievements and scientific methodologies, we pride ourselves on not just giving you an informed opinion, but a practical implementation roadmap to affect change immediately.

We address the issue at the source

Our business model is designed to save you time and money and focused on uncovering the root of the issue you are struggling with and solving it once and for all.

How to innovate in a bureaucracy

How can you be innovative if you find yourself working in a big company or bureaucratic organisation? KoLab founder, Jonathan Cherry, explores.

What’s the difference between a consultant and a practitioner?

To us — a consultant just offers a client advice based on their superior knowledge and skillset.

A practitioner does the same, but also explores the opportunities and challenges together with a client

6 things I learnt from a recent trip to Tokyo, Japan

Japan is the future – so what did KoLab futurist, Jonathan Cherry, learn from a recent trip to the Land of the Rising Sun?

We have worked with some great clients over the years

We help you make sense of change and how to respond

As innovation practitioners we have a proven track record of solving business problems quickly and cost effectively. 

Unlike other consulting firms, our intention is to always go straight to the root of the problem and unlock future business opportunities by dissolving the original issue.

‘Thank you so much for leading our strategy workshop.

  1. I speak on behalf of the team and say that it was very informative and a great thought-provoking exercise.’

Catherine Du Plooy

COO Back-a-Buddy


The Founders of KoLab

Jonathan Cherry has his masters degree {MPhil} in Futures Studies from the University of Stellenbosch Business School and has decades of experience as a strategy consultant and business futurist. He has worked with businesses ranging from international corporate clients to technology start-ups to unlock operational efficiencies and long-term revenue growth.

Jonathan Cherry

Innovation Partner

Steve Porter has a masters degree in Information Technology Management from the University of Sheffield and is well-known in the South African technology circles as a expert designer and implementer of IT and operational systems specifically within technology businesses.

Steve Porter

Information Technology Partner