We help business innovate and grow through future-focused strategy and implementation

Ko-Lab is a strategy consultancy and business advisory that aims to maximise the overall business performance of our clients through the leveraging of technology resources, relevant innovation strategy and the commercial implementation of both.

Information technology advisory

We help our clients radically reduce their monthly IT spend while developing and operationalising technology strategies and assets that deliver long-term revenue and business growth.

Facilitate strategy workshops

We help our clients comprehensively define and communicate their business strategy to ensure the success of their short-term goals as well as securing their sustainable long-term business growth into the future.

Ko Lab

What are the problems we can help solve?

Innovation consulting & growth strategy

We help organisations grow their business revenue with the relevant innovation strategy to

deliver exceptional business return

How can we use new technology to grow our business?

We’ve helped some of the biggest tech companies to structure and optimise their technology resources.

How can we immediately optimise our IT systems to save money?

We have considerable experience optimising organisational IT architecture to work with business strategy to return positive growth.

Where can we innovate today if we are to thrive in the future?

Through the use of recognised futures tools and methodologies we can help with the right strategic foresight for your business and technology investments to grow.

‘Thank you so much for leading our strategy workshop.

  1. I speak on behalf of the team and say that it was very informative and a great thought-provoking exercise.’

Catherine Du Plooy

COO Back-a-Buddy


The Founders

Jonathan Cherry has his masters degree {MPhil} in Futures Studies from the University of Stellenbosch Business School and has decades of experience as a strategy consultant and business futurist. He has worked with businesses ranging from international corporate clients to technology start-ups to unlock operational efficiencies and long-term revenue growth.

Jonathan Cherry

Innovation Partner

Steve Porter has a masters degree in Information Technology Management from the University of Sheffield and is well-known in the South African technology circles as a expert designer and implementer of IT and operational systems specifically within technology businesses.

Steve Porter

Information Technology Partner